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Welcome to Photo-n-Art-Lovers

We are a group that loves to show off you work. Each month we Feature members' artwork for all to enjoy.

If you wish to join, we ask that you read rules that we have for submissions before hand, as by hitting the "Join Our Group" button means you fully accept the rules we have.

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In the last little while, I have been doing some thinking on what makes photography into an art form.  I started pondering this as I happen to be the founder of Photo-n-Art-Lovers here on DA.  I get to see many pieces of work, many of them are photos.  Now, I am also a photographer, so I look for how to make my photos into artwork.  Frankly, that is not something that is easy to do.  I have to work on making a piece of artwork.  It is more than just pointing the camera and pressing the trigger.

This is what I have come across, as a photographer, a user of DA, a user of the internet and as a group admin here on DA.  Though art is “in the eye of the beholder,” there is a lot more to it.  So the question that comes to mind is, how do you make an image into artwork and make it memorable?

First, what is the reason you are taking the picture?
Are you doing it to remember something or someone in your life?  Is it for sharing with others, or maybe to sell and grow a business in photography/art?  If it is just a memory for you and you don’t wish to share with the public per say; you have a snapshot.  So what is a snapshot?  Well, I feel that a snapshot is an image that you take with your camera with little thought or preparation.  Think about it.  You are out on a family vacation and you take a picture of your love ones.  Do you set up how the light is?  What about the background?  Have you picked a special or creative item of clothing for your subject to wear?  What is the type of camera that you are using?  If you don’t think about any of these things, you are going to be doing a “Snapshot.”  It is something that is going to be an image that if you do share, it is only with those close to you, or on some social media site with your friends.

Second, what is the story you are telling with the image?  
Now it does not have to be some fancy, complex story about it, but there needs to be a greater reason for the creation of the work.  There needs to be a story; a vision to the image to give it higher artistic value.  If you are not creating to share your vision and story, then what is it?  It becomes just another snapshot.

Third, what kind of preparation went into getting that image?
Now, a photo needs some preparation to be taken.  It is more than you saying, “Oh that is interesting.” and pulling out your camera.  In most cases that would be your smartphone if you do this.  What thought went into taking that shot?  I feel, as a photographer, I need to plan the work I am going to photograph.  I don’t just go out on my errands, see something and pull out my smartphone to take a shot.  Nothing against the smartphone, but that is not the device that I automatically think off as the camera of high quality and art worthy photographs.  Is it a tool that you can use?  Yeah.  But it is far from the principal tool.  For me, I use my smartphone more for social media posts of what and where I am out doing photography, or to do business as I am out of my home office.  If you need to get me, it is the best way for you to contact me for work related ways, be it phone, email or sometimes social media.  But I don’t use the phone for marketing my artworks.  Have I used it for doing photography?  Very rarely.  I can count on one hand the number of times that I have used the phone’s camera to make an image that becomes a piece of artwork.

So what preparation do I do?  Well, here is what I do.
1. Set up a time to do the work.  Yea… I use my planner to set aside time to do my work; to go out and enjoy photography.  Why?  Simple.  If I set aside time to do it, I will go out and do it, and do my best.  It also lets my beloved wife know I will need the car.
2. Research.  I go online or look at maps or even just scroll about in Google Earth to scout out locations and ideas.  Read magazines, books, e-mags and blogs.  I go and learn from others that share my interest in the artwork I enjoy, or even wish to emulate.  Talk to your fellow human beings that share your interest.
3. Scout your location.  Get out there and see the areas that you are thinking of using for the photoshoot.  This is a good time to use your smartphone camera to remember what it looks like and remember sites that are most inspiring to you or provide the setting for the subject that you wish to photograph.  You can use the phone’s GPS with those recon photos to find the location when you record the location and go back.
4. Get your stuff ready for the photoshoot.  Oh yeah.  It needs to be said.  To often people think everything is ready to go, but the BATTERIES are DEAD!!!  Yeah.  I said it.  If you don’t maintain your equipment, how on Earth are you going to do the photo shoot?!  Get your equipment all together.  Have extra batteries charged and ready for all the equipment you need to take.  Get all the equipment in one place, the night before, ready to go out to the car.  I know what you are screaming into your monitor.  “WELL, DUH!”  But how many of us forget to do these simple things to ready yourself?  Point made.
5. Be prepared to adapt to whatever happens at the photoshoot.  If you are going to do outdoor photography, be ready for changes in weather.  If the weather is a problem that day, you can adapt to the inclement weather.  So you want a wonderful sunny day, but you got a downpour instead; you can still adapt.  You can get a simple fix that will let you use your camera in the rain.  It can be as simple as a clear plastic bag or the cheep plastic shower cap in your hotel room.  I have in my kit some cheep yet very handy clear plastic camera covers that cover not only the body but the longest lens I have for my camera and still let me adjust the functions.  Or if you really fancy, you can get a camo neoprene weather cover that will cover your whole rig.  Trust me they are sweet.  But you don’t have to spend mega bucks.  And that brings me to the next item.
6. Camera... and equipment.  Yes, the camera is very important.  But you don’t need to spend a fortune on one.  In my dreams I would love a 100 MP Hasselblad digital camera (H6D-100c) with a tonne of lenses, and I would love to have 1600 mm super telephoto lens.  Oh in my dreams!  But that is not really something that I will likely, ever be able to afford.  But I do have a few cameras that do what I need and use frequently.  Are any of them a fancy DSLR?  Well, no.  But that is more to do with cost.  But I would love a nice DSLR camera and a good set of lenses, filters and such in my kit.  But you don’t need to have one.  What I have is a mirrorless superzoom that gives me 800 mm (50X optical) on the zoom and also does macro too.  Not bad.  It cost me $700 Canadian.  I also have a $100 point and shoot (or P-n-S) camera.  It is small, has basic functions like timer, macro and the likes, but it is handy.  I even use a small, old 4 megapixel Kodak camera with a one gig SD card, that I sometimes use, that I got for free from a free-cycle group on Yahoo.  So what am I saying?  You don’t need to spend an outrageous amount for a camera and the equipment.  What you need is equipment that you can afford, use and get you the results you are looking for and can work and learn with.  If you can get the latest Canon, Nikon or Olympus camera; or that Hasselblad I mention, great, but you don’t need to have such wonderful cameras to produce photographic art.  Same is true for equipment.  Generally, the more expensive gear may do the job better, but do you need it?  No.  You don’t need to go out and buy a $500 carbon fiber tripod and $500 ball mount.  My first one was $10 aluminium tripod at a discount store, and it served me for a couple of years.  The next was a $70 one from Princess Auto, (a great tool store with a cool surplus section.)  It lasted for almost six years.  Now I have just upgraded to a very well built one that I paid $120 for from big box store.  So what is the point to this.  Two things.  You don’t need to pay MEGA BUCKS for equipment and you can get better equipment over time, as you can afford it and need it.  You don’t need to buy it right off the bat.

Forth, what do I need for equipment man?
Well, what you need for equipment depends on what you are doing and can afford.  As I have said, you don’t need to spend a large amount to get art worthy photos.  If you are just starting, a basic P-n-S (point and shoot camera) will do you.  You can pick one up at Walmart for like fifty bucks.  It won’t be fancy, but you can learn basics.  First of all, “Do I like photography?”  It is an important question.  If you find that using the camera and photography are not your thing, you are just out the cost of that camera.  No skin off your nose now.  But if you sink over a grand into a DSLR camera body, even more of lenses and find out you don’t care for photography, that is a much bigger hit now.  But what about other equipment.  Believe it or not, much of it you can get for little or nothing.  You just need to know where to look.  Be it friends or family that may have equipment they don’t use, or on the web where people advertise to get rid of stuff (especially the ones that are free to advertise on.)  You can even go online and pick up some “Life Hacks” to make what you need for next to nothing.  I have four flash diffusers that I use on my camera, depending on the photos being taken.  All of them are made using life hacks.  I have a modified film canister from a camera store that I got for free, a handle from a four litre jug of milk that just slips over my pop up flash, a business card and blue-tac one that gets stuck in front of the flash to bounce the light up, and lastly one made from the side of a four litre jug of milk.  What did it cost for these?  Little or nothing at all, just some time and effort.  You will find that many of these life hacks work even better than buying the real item from the camera shop and for a lot less.  So being creative and cheap can make it easier for you on equipment.  Here is another good hack.  You need to stabilize your camera as you take photos in a museum and you can’t use your flash or tripod to take the shot.  What to do?  Use a bean bag or a bag of rice to hold the camera.  I have used the latter one when I have been needing to stabilize my camera in my car to take a shot of a whitetail deer from the road.  I rolled down my window a bit, put the bag on the top of the window glass and placed the lens on the bag as I looked through my viewfinder for the shot.  AND IT WORKED!  So if you need equipment, look around.  You can even use a long piece of string to stabilize your camera if you don’t have a tripod.

Fifth, is my smartphone camera a good camera?
If you think that your camera on your iPhone is any good for taking a proper artistic photo, do me a big favour, kill me.  The only thing your (cringe) iPhone or other smart phone is good for is… a bloody selfie.  Well, most of the time.  The camera that comes with your cell phone is really only good for snapshots and selfies.  It is just a very, very basic camera (despite what Apple will tell you.)  If you are hanging with friends, or need to take a shot of the damage to your car after a car accident, it will do.  But the true ability of such a camera is very limited.  Here is why.  The camera only has a digital zoom.  That means that rather than using optics (lenses) to “zoom” in on an object, they just make the pixels bigger and blurrier as you zoom in more.  Next problem, the aperture is fixed.  This is the device that allows you to adjust the amount and focus of light to the CCD (Charged Couple Device.)  If it is large, like it is on a smartphone, then it is only really any use for “portraits”/selfies, where your subject is in focus, but behind the person is just a blur.  If you want your camera to take a nice landscape that aperture needs to be much smaller.  What does all that mean?  Your phone comes with an aperture with a f-stop of about 2.0 and lower.  Now if you are doing a landscape that f-stop needs to be 11 or higher.  Remember the larger the f-stop the smaller the aperture, and the more detail at distance.  There is another problem.  Most smartphones do not have anyway to adjust how long the shutter is open to let light on the CCD.  So if you need it open longer for low light photos, your phone will not hold a shutter open, it will instead increase the sensitivity (ISO) of the CCD.  Okay, but here is the problem.  The higher the ISO that the camera is using, the more “grainy” the image, so the image is of much more poor quality.  Now you can get apps that give you control of the “shutter” and ISO of the camera, but they cost money and are still very limited in ability compared to a P-n-S camera.  The other problem is how do you keep the phone stable in low light situations as the camera takes longer to take the image.  It is not like you can strap it on a tripod.  Also the flash LED is right next to the lens.  This makes it so that the light from the flash shows up in you image as a very harsh light that blurs out detail of the central subject.  That and it looks stupid when you do selfies in the bathroom mirror.  This is why it is better to have the flash farther away from the lens, and if it has a diffuser in front of the bulb, it is even softer light making a more pleasant image.  So in short, a smartphone camera is not in anyway a good camera.  Even if it is an Apple iPhone.  Also, tablets like Apple iPads, or Samsung Tabs, or whatever you have… they also have very poor quality cameras.  If you use a camera on a phone or tablet, use it only for documenting your doings, like scouting a site for the photoshoot.

Lastly, what makes a photo an artistic photograph?
There are a number of factors that make a photograph artistic.  The greatest of all of them is a combination of having “The Eye for Photography” and imagination.  I don’t care how great your camera, lenses, filters, photo editing software or even if you are the greatest personality ever; you have to have imagination and “The Eye.”  Some are “born” with it, but they are few and far between.  What it takes is practice, perseverance, research and experimentation.  If you don’t put in this work, you won’t ever gain “The Eye” and the imagination.  If you don’t do this, and think you will be a great photographer, do yourself a BIG favour.  Take your camera, all the camera equipment, software and computer equipment you have bought to do photography, put it all back in their boxes and take them back to the store, or better still, just give it to someone that wants to truly be one and needs the help to get going in photography and advancing their skills and most important… PASSION!

Remember this.  All photographers and artists, regardless of who they are or medium used, all copy or are inspired by another artist.  We all create and recreate images to show the glory and greatness of the works of the greatest artist of all.  All of us do their work because of God, and the marvellous miracles and creations He has made and given us.  The same creations that inspire us to create, share and bring joy to our fellow man.  Just as He does for us each and every day.

Welcome to Photo-n-Art-Lovers!


We have just a few rules here.  Please follow them.

1 - Enjoy the submissions.  No bashing the artists.  If there is a problem, deal with it privately.

2 - If you wish to submit items to any category, make sure they are "clean" images.  That being images that are modest.  No provocative gestures or postures.  They cannot contain nudity or pornography.  Also, please no fetish photos or other such art forms of an immodest nature.  Further no profanity; not in the image, its title or description.  There are millions of words that can better express yourself and your art than crude curses, swearing, vulgarity or other profanity. Additionally, no use of alcohol, tobacco or any drugs, legal or illegal will be permitted in the images.

We are a family friendly group.  If your image and language is going to offend people, we don’t want it.  If it is something that you wouldn't want children getting in to or doing, we don't want it. So put it somewhere else, just not here.  Remember to keep it clean.

3 - Do not submit items you know are copies of others’ work (professional or otherwise.)  This includes work that was posted without the owner’s permission, or work that has been photo manipulated without the consent of the owner or not purchased as stock or is free stock.   Breech of copyright is not acceptable in the slightest degree and is immoral.  You don't need to infringe on an artist's rights to enjoy their work.  If you do break this rule, by submitting others artwork as your own, you will be booted from the group, blocked and reported to the Admins of DA and to the artist you stole from.  Final.

If you do use another artists work as stock, make sure you have the direct link to the page you obtained it from in you remarks on the work you have submitted.  If you purchased it, state that you bought it and again, make sure you have a direct link to the page you obtained it from in your remarks on the work you have submitted.  If it is your own personal stock that you are using, make sure you say it and if you have it on the web somewhere, like DA, provide the link, please.

Breach of an Artist's Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights is illegal and will not be tolerated in the slightest degree.  If you see such violations, report it promptly and help stamp out those that are TALENTLESS ART THIEVES!

4 – Please submit your best works.  We want to see and showcase your work and your potential as a fellow artist.  To do this, we want to only show your best.  And the "Featured" folder is for the very best of all that we artists do.

5 - When you submit your work, make sure that it is being submitted in the right folder.  If you have used up all the submissions you have for that folder, it does not mean you can dump it in another folder.  Wait till the next day or submissions cycle.  If you do submit to the wrong folder, we will reject the image.  If you don't know which folder to place it, ask one of the admins here.  We are very willing to help you.  Just ask and we will help you out.

What are the rules regarding each submission folder?

Featured – this folder is only for images that are the very best.  Images placed in this folder are done by request of the Admins of the group.  If we really like your image, we will submit a request to you to place it here.  It will also be for winners of any future contests.  Please don’t submit works here.

Man Made Technology and Devices –  this folder is for any item that is machinery or other man made devices.  Airplanes, cars, tractors, tools machinery and the likes.

Anthro and Furry – items to be placed in this folder are to be images of animals with human characteristics / behaviours or persons in fursuits.  It is for the Furry Fandom.  Please remember to keep the images clean and non-provocative in nature.  Please remember this is a family friendly group.  ( Refer to rule #2.)

Uplifting and Faith – is for here items are to be of one’s religion, and are to be positive.  They can be of an event, of buildings of worship or places that are of religious importance.  They should be a testimony of one’s faith to your god, by whatever name you know them by.

Nature - this is for plants, mushrooms, small rock formations, crystals, etc; nature in general.  It is not for landscapes or any other kind of 'scapes.  Also animals and birds do not go here, nor macro images.

Animals and Birds – simply if the creature is on four legs, wings or fins, they go here.  They are to be images of real creatures; no fantasy creatures here.

No humans please.  They are just so weird with their two legs and hairless bodies.

*Please note that Sybaristail is very fond of big cats, especially lions!  :D

Macro – if it is an image from a camera in macro mode or with a macro lens it is here it belongs.  These images are to be highly focused photography.  If it is a bug or close up of a flower or other item, it goes here.

People – if the image is of human beings it goes here, this includes, portrait or some casual scene of someone.  Please remember to keep the images clean and non-provocative in nature.  Please remember this is a family friendly group.  ( Refer to rule #2.)

Sci-fi and Fantasy – is for those images that are from the world of imagination that includes Star Trek and Lord of the Rings and the likes.  If it Science Fiction or Fantasy in nature we like it here.  Please remember to keep the images clean and non-provocative in nature.  Please remember this is a family friendly group.  ( Refer to rule #2.)

*Please note that Sybaristail loves Star Trek!  :D

Abstract ‘n’ Surreal – if your image is abstract or surreal in nature… it goes here.  This would include fractal images and the likes.

Land, City, Street, Sky and Waterscapes – you got it.  If the image is of a large area like a mountain range, a city, streets, night sky, the ocean side or the likes, please put it here.

LOLs – if you do humour or comics of a fun nature we love to see them.  This is not for the “memes” that we see plastered up on every bodies Facebook page.  We want original works only.

Still Life – is just for photos that are of an inanimate object.  E.g. a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers, a doll, a piece of horse riding equipment.  This generally being smaller items, but can be of a larger area like a room.  Basically you are doing a study of an item or enclosed area.

Fan Art and Cosplay –  if it is some sort of art form you are paying homage to another artist's work, e.g. … The Lion King, Loony Toons, Anime, etc. you will want it here.  It would be for stuff that would not be Science Fiction or Fantasy in nature, but is known by the world at large.  Please remember to keep the images clean and non-provocative in nature.  Please remember this is a family friendly group.  ( Refer to rule #2.)

Architecture and Sculpture – if it of a building, statue, fountain, memorial or cemetery  it goes here.  So long as it is a structure used as a building or decoration made by humans it would fall here.

Urban and Rural Exploration  URBEX– is for those folks that go into the old decaying buildings to show how cool they look.  Be it a factory, hospital, military base, house, barn, we like them here.

Misc. – Due to abuse by people DUMPING works that belong in other folders this folder has been CLOSED till further notice.

**All folders are not limited to photography, digital photomanipulation, traditional works, etc.  They are welcome in every folder.  Most folders accept up to a maximum of two entries per day.

*** We do not accept any pixel art or icon art pieces in any of the folders.

If you are not sure whether you should post the image here in our group, or to which folder, please send the Admins of this, our group, a note with the link.  We will be happy to let you know.

6 – If you disagree with the reason your image has been rejected, we understand that you may be unhappy.  We respectfully ask that you respect our reasons for saying “no” and not argue with us on our say.  Abuse is not tolerated.  We ask that if there is a reason for concern on your part, don’t fire back your concerns in a blind fit of rage.  Please wait to send your concerns.  Allow yourself to respond in a calm and mature nature.  And please understand, when we tell you why we have rejected an item you have submitted it is only to give a reason, as most submission groups on DA don’t.  The reason for the rejection is not personal, so don’t make it personal.  We do it to help you grow and become a better artist.

And please… don’t get your buddies to come in and fight with us over our reason.  We don’t need the agro.  Just be an adult about it.

We wish to encourage art work and help each other become better artists and photographers.  We strongly encourage good honest feedback to all fellow deviants, and if asked for by the artist; good and honest critiques, not fluff.  And for those that have images rejected, we will do are best to inform you as to why, and will do so privately.  We will also do our best to provide you with ways to make it better, if we can, so you can develop into a better artist.  If you don't hear from us, please drop a note and we will gladly inform you as to why.  Just include the name of the image and give a link to the image, so we can better help you out.

If you feel that you would like to help out as an Admin in the group, please drop us a private note.  Let us know what you think of the rules and what you bring as an artist that you feel can help in building our group and helping expose the work of your fellow artists here at DeviantArt.

Your fellow deviant,
Sybaristail  (James McMillan)  :meow:
Founder of Photo-n-Art-Lovers
Recently I had someone submit some work to our group, Photo_n_Art_Lovers here on Deviant Art.  It was wonderful work, except for a few problems.  This person submitted the work of a fellow artist that is internationally renowned and published.  It happened to be a fellow photographer that is a good mate of mine.

Now this individual informed me that he used this artist’s work to practice on his painting skills.  Now I can understand this, but the problem is he did not give credit to the artist.  Further, this person was selling prints of the work here on Deviant Art, to profit himself and not the original artist.

I hate when people do this.  It is stealing.  It is wrong.  It is dishonest and immoral.  They are ART THIEVES.

Here is what I sent this person, to show my true feelings on the matter.  I have not identified this person, so that they may do the right thing on this matter.  Please read, share and even comment.

Thank you.

I understand you’re surprised by such a reaction.  As somebody that has had people use his work and seen and knows many other artists that have had their works used without permission, I do understand.  I understand that you’re surprised, but when a fellow artist has had others take and copy works, "to practice" and then turn about and sell copies of that work as their own... as you are doing… it really bothers those of us that are really doing this not only for their love of the works they make, but are also trying to make a living by sharing this art of theirs.

Just because you have seen the works on the internet, books or whatever media, it does not in any way mean they have given up their Property Rights, Copyrights and Intellectual Rights to those works.  You cannot just take an artist’s work and then sell that persons' work as yours.

I looked at your site here on Deviant Art, and you are selling prints of these works you claim are yours, but are works of other artists that were used for you practice.  That makes you an “Art Thief”, because you are taking credit for another man's work by submitting it to Deviant Art for the purpose to sell prints, so you profit from it and you are not giving credit or compensation to that original artist.

Be warned.  More and more artists; artists that own the legal rights to the works that persons like you copy; they are now taking legal action more and more, to protect their rights and property.  Just because you are in Europe does not mean that an artist on another continent is not going to exercise their rights against you, by using your own country's laws to secure them.

Please remember, just because it is on the internet it does not mean you can copy it.  Just like in school, college or university, you do not copy the work of another and claim it as yours.  That would be plagiarism; something that is greatly frowned on in the academic community and gets many students booted out of the programs they were in.  It is simply dishonest and immoral to do.  It is cheating.

If you wish to use another artist’s work, it is your legal and moral responsibility to contact that artist and request their permission and their terms for the use of that work.  That means you do the footwork.  That is why I did not give it to you.  You need to do the work to contact them.  The other reason is my respect of my fellow artist's privacy and wish not to have his information given out without his permission.  I would do the same thing for any person, including you.

I would like to ask this of you.  If you really appreciate his work, and the works of others.  If you are totally unable to find their contact information.  I ask that you give the original artist the credit where you can.  If you can’t say that it is a copy of another’s work and why you used it; perhaps say why you like it and what it inspired in you.  Whatever you do, do not sell prints and copies of that work you have made using others work.  That will help you to stay clear of an artist becoming upset at you and also avoid legal entanglement that will cost you a great deal of money and stress.

One last thing.  Your work is really nice.  You have a wonderful talent.  Continue to use that talent and develop it; just don't claim works as yours if you use another artist's work as a reference.  If you wish to use another’s work, please use your wonderful talent, love and inspiration to make your own original works.  As a fellow artist, I do know it is in you to do this; for this is how true artists create works to share with humanity.  This is how I get ideas for my works you can see.  We don’t simply copy or manipulate in Photoshop or Gimp, those works of others.  We use that work to inspire us to make our own original works to share with others to enjoy.  To bring them joy, inspiration and to stir their thoughts, feelings and imagination.

I am sorry for coming across as a jerk.  It is something that deeply bothers me and many of our fellow artists, regardless of the medium we use to express ourselves.  Be it paint, pencil, photography, writing or whatever.  I hope that you understand this and except my feelings on this subject.  I hope as a fellow artist this may assist in your development of your talent and joy of art.

Your fellow artist,

James McMillan (Sybaristail)
Sybaristail Photo & Art
First!  We have a point of change.  We have changed one of the folder names to better describe the images in it.  Man Made Items will now be known as Man Made Technology and Devices.  This has been done as per a recommendation from a fellow artist that sent us a quick note telling what he thought and why.  If you have any such ideas, please forward them to us by the "Send a Note" button at the top of our page.  

Alright.  It is that time.  The announcement of the featured art works from our fellow artists.

Congratulations to each of you that are this month's feature artists for the month of December 2014.

Late Afternoon Reflection by EarthHart
Late Afternoon Reflection By EarthHart

Rush Hour by jxsnyder
Rush Hour By jxsnyder

Door to a colourful world by ZephyraMilie
Door to a colourful world By ZephyraMilie

Serenity by aliawais
Serenity by aliawis

Into the Web by Dossium
Into the Web by Dossium

Happy meal for red squirrel by Momotte2
Happy meal for red squirrel by Momotte2

Unknown Soldier Reprise by Coigach
Unknown Soldier Reprise by Coigah

Arctic Sunset by pythos-cheetah
Arctic Sunset by pythos-cheetah

Please join me in congratulating each of these wonderful artists and visit their pages to check out their works.  Each of these great people really deserve to be the featured artists for month of December 2014.

The polls are now open to let me know who you think should get to be featured for January 2015.  Drop me a note at the top of our groups page and tell me which image, the artist and why you think it should be featured.

Have a great and joy filled 2015.  And to each of you, continued enjoyment of the artwork you make and enjoy seeing.

Sybaristail - :meow:
It is time to reveal The Featured Art of The Month here at Photo-and-Lovers, for the months of October 2014

It is time to showcase some of our fellow artists our appreciation for the wonderful works they have done.  Say congratulations to each of our fellow artists for works that you so generously share with each of us.

Remember, if you feel an artist is deserving of being featured, leave us a note with the name of the artist and the name of the piece.  It possible, please give us a link to the image so we can see it too.

One your Bike by GMCollins

Life Journey by Ericseye

Melting Palace by EarthHart

Nightrunner by Tigrar

eggHDR1262 by The-Egg

Once again; a special congratulations to each of our featured artists of the months of August and September!

Sybaristail - :meow:
And the rest of the admin staff here at Photo-n-Art-Lovers.
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Animals and Birds
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dragon-fly 2 by Berlin-Steglitz
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dragon-fly by Berlin-Steglitz
Calla Lily Inclination by 12bluros
Butterflies by annewipf
The eagle eye by TheSaneInInsanity
Wroclaw - Breslau love bridge - to Christoph by Rikitza
The photographer at Bastei by Rikitza
Sci-fi and Fantasy
Just A Bit Of Palaver by BJPentecost
Brothers at War by Sven1310
A Well 2 by annewipf
Sentient Towers by Colourbrand
Abstract 'n' Surreal
Street Abstraction by jDescaPhoto
Wall by jDescaPhoto
Golden Fire by EADodd
Reeds 1 by kootenayphotos
Architecture and Sculpture
Old but beautiful stuffs by Nini1996
Misc. --- Closed
Thoughts On What Makes Artistic Photography by Sybaristail
Land, City, Street, Sky and Waterscapes
Jump by robpolder
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